an acoustic prologue

It has arrived. The long awaited album, by The Art of Whimsy. Yeah, I suppose it’s not really an album per se. I’m not really sure what the new, hip name for a mini album is. EP, maybe… I think I heard somewhere that the kids are calling them “singles.” At any rate, right before Christmas, Jess, Cadence and I piled into a plane and headed off to Hawaii to play some shows and spend some time with the folks. I holed myself up in an upstairs room for the first two and a half weeks with my new recording gear, learning the ins and outs of this new system. Every once and awhile I’d stumble downstairs for a diet Coke (It’s really addicting that stuff. I think there’s really cocaine in it.) or to brew another pot of coffee. At any rate, an acoustic prologue was more or less finished recording and shipped off to Dave Heydon shortly after the New Year and I finally got to go to step, pasty-white and blinking onto the sunny beaches of Oahu. The songs represented therein are good songs I think. They’re songs that mean alot to me, songs that speak of things I think are important, things like honesty, friendship and keeping your promises. I hope you enjoy them. -Nathan


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