Lost Baggage

After flying all night and sleeping about two hours,  (The guy sitting next to me was on his computer all night which felt like a flashlight in my face not letting me sleep), I finally landed in Louisville, KY.  I was ready to grab my bag and go get some food and then go to sleep, but my bag was nowhere to be found.  So I went over to the baggage counter, was tired enough to mistake United with US but eventually got a claim filled out and was on my way.  Not really worrying about my bag because they deliver my lost bag to where I am staying I went about my day.  On the way to a radio interview I got a call from the delivery driver.  “Did I give you the wrong bag?” I had to explain to him that when he dropped it off I wasn’t there so I was I going to know.  Then I also gave him the idea of looking at the bag he had in the car, if it was mine then he hadn’t given me mine.  Turns out that  he had dropped off the wrong bag, but all is well I have my suit case back and nothing is missing.

Kyle Ray 
P.S. If any of this doesn’t make sense, I am still working on only a couple hours sleep.

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