Bearno’s Pizza

The good folks at Bearno’s Pizza in Bardstown, KY were generous to throw at after party for the street concert.  However, the street concert was over around 12:00 am so nobody was around or up for the party.  So on Monday night we decided to have the after party.  A small group of us went over and had some great pizza.  If you are ever near a Bearno’s I suggest you stop in and get some pizza.  

After the “party” Pauly hosts an open mic night.  We stuck around for night of music, played several numbers and all together had a great time.  Sorry about lack of pictures or video, I brought Colette’s little camera to use and forget to bring it every time we go somewhere worth taking photos.  Actually I just realized I am lying… I had the camera I just didn’t realize it until right now.  oops.
Tonight we are heading out to Oscars Piano Bar in Lexington to do a little jamming with Pauly.   This time I will remember to take some photos and video.  I promise.

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