Street Concert (Continued)

So I had the best of intentions of writing more about the street concert, then forgot and then was reminded, so here you go…

We played right after Nicki Gillis which was a tough act to follow.  There was a bit of a sound issue which was sort of frustrating because they wouldn’t believe me that my cable and/or mandolin was not causes crazy amounts of static.  Eventually they realized that it couldn’t be me causing the problem because I was not even plugged in.  Once that was figured out we got right to our set and in my opinion nailed it.  There is such great energy on stage in front of a few thousand people that everything seems to fall into place.  Maybe I just couldn’t hear what we really sounded like, but we got some seemingly genuine great responses.  
Our set consisted of:  As Long As You Are With Me, A Great Fall, Cowboy Song, Love is a Dangerous Road, Walk the Line (a Johnny Cash cover), and Flagstaff Street Jam.  For flagstaff we invited Pauly’s band up on stage with us.  They completely blew us away.  The song took on a completely different vibe, with Chris on guitar, Pete on drums, and Steven on bass.  Chris tore up a solo, which is to be expected, and Pete laid down quite the beat.  Steven is another one of those amazing musicians.  He throws down on a seven string bass and “had a bass solo that left everyone’s jaw on the street.”  We are truly blessed to be playing with such great talent.
Another artist I forgot to mention is Pat Kirtley.  Here is a little blurb about him that you can find on the Taylor guitar website

Selected as one of Acoustic Guitarmagazine’s “30 essential new acoustic artists,” Pat Kirtley is an important creator and interpreter of modern acoustic fingerstyle guitar. While Pat’s original compositions and arrangements showcase the vitality of neo-traditional picking, he incorporates virtuosic technique, pop lyricism, deadpan wit, wistful balladry, and Irish/Celtic influences into a very contemporary-sounding repertoire. Pat has numerous well-received CD and video releases on Narada Media, Rounder, Vestapol Videos, and Mainstring Records. This National Fingerstyle Champion is currently touring and producing new guitar music, and presents workshops for selected Taylor dealers within his traveling schedule. 


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    how dare you not play jump…

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