Elm Avenue Starbucks

Here are some pictures from our show last Saturday night at Elm Avenue Starbucks.  It was a great show, very relaxed environment, and a good crowd.  Plus free coffee for us!  Woohoo.  

I probably shouldn’t say this but I tried their new smoothies called vivano or something like that and they aren’t good.  Sorry Starbucks but it reminded me of a smoothie that I make and get disappointed because it doesn’t have enough flavor.  Not what I expected.

Anyway here are a couple of photos of the good times that you missed.  Next time you shouldn’t miss them.  For those of you who graced us with your presence, thanks!





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2 responses to “Elm Avenue Starbucks

  1. Brittney Harmon

    who is that stud in the window?
    and who are the Jacks?

  2. Jessica Emmans, Kyle Booterbaugh, and Nathan J. Emmans

    Some weird guy signing to his wife, his name is Danny. and the Jacks… I will leave that one for Nathan to answer.

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