Starbucks Show

I don’t have a lot of time but I just wanted to say that the show last Saturday at Starbucks was amazing. We kicked the night off with a set from Grayson Kessinich. (I think I spelled his name right). I was talking to our good buddy Eli about him and the only word I can think of to describe his voice is pretty. I know if I was smart I could think of a better word, but that one will work. He is a great song-writter, peformer, and a great musician. I would recommend checking out his site. I will get links up here in a little bit. I know he has one song up on his myspace page and in a couple of weeks he is going to be releasing an EP.

The next set was covered by The Music Room. Amy and Dane have a great stage presence together. Being brother and sister they play off each other perfectly. They are funny and keep your attention their entire set. Put that aside and they are great musicians and song-writers.

I have to go but more on this later….


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  1. James

    I know I’m missing a bunch of good music.

    Maybe one of these months or years we can hang out again.

    I miss you guys.

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