Positive Post Tuesday – Mike Madden

This post is going to be about Mike Madden.  He is the owner/engineer/producer of the studio we are recording at.  He has been amazing to work with.  Always letting us work around our schedule and our needs, a few hours here and there and long days when we have the time.  He is always available for advice but isn’t trying to push his agenda.  A refreshing change to hear great advice but knowing that he won’t be offended if we don’t take it (usually we do) or that he won’t just do it his way anyway.  Mike has also made himself 100% available to play on any of the songs we want him to.  He is an amazing multi-instrumentalist playing guitar (acoustic and electric), mandolin, violin, keys, banjo, dulcimer.  I am sure the list goes on, but these are the ones I can think of.  And if all of this isn’t enough, the studio is full of amazing instruments that we are more than welcome to try out and experiment with.

So this is a thanks to Mike Madden, this record wouldn’t be happening with out him.


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