Pain and Benevolance

I have a dear friend who lost her baby. In the tipsy-turvy emotion spin that followed, for all of us close to her, but especially her, we had to hold on to something, anything, to keep our heads above water. For many of us, it was Faith in God. For me, the only thing I could hold on to, to keep me from drowning in sorrow, was not just Faith in God, but in Who or What I believe God to be; that is to say, I know that God is Good. You don’t always get an answer to questions like “why do the innocent sometimes die?” And that’s ok I guess… not fun, but ok. What do you guys think?

Peace, hope and love.



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3 responses to “Pain and Benevolance

  1. I’d just like to say: what a great face I’m making right prior to starting the video.

  2. annie

    I have had many friends suffer this loss. My bet is that there are few (if any) things in life more painful than losing a child. God give peace to your friend. And you are a great friend for posting this.

  3. Guitar skills have gotten much better since College at CBU. Nice, very nice…

    I’m happy that you are living the dream, especially when meeting Pearl Jam’s lead singer in a bar in Hawaii! That’s pretty sweet. All I can say is, when you conquer Hollywood (if that’s even what you want) I will always be able to say that I had Mr. Nate Emmans at my house for spring break, and we drove all the way up CA in a Ford Festiva…scary!

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