Beautiful day in paradise

101So it’s been crazy stormy here on this little, tiny, rock, out in the middle of the ocean, that I live on now. Torrential down pours, crazy wind whipping against my window (not whipping like the “street term” Peter), and no sign of the sun. Now, I was kind of apprehensive (still am a little) about moving out here, as you may or may not have gathered from previous posts; but, thinking that I could go surf and hang out on the beach whenever I wanted assauged my clausterphobia somewhat. Today is just straight, drop-dead gorgeous; but… I still feel like a train (a boog-train) hit me in my head so there’s no way I’m going to the beach today.

During a break in the rain, I took my oldest girl for a little walk, down to the beach. Now, like I said it’s always raining here this time of year. So, right as we’re about to cross the street, it starts to drizzle a little-tiny bit. This huge, local lady driving a tour trolley, rings her bell and shouts at us. “Ehhh brah! Don shoe nah isz rainin’ out!?” We thanked her for pointing that out. When we started back to the pad, the same trolley came back the other way ringing its’ bell. And the same huge, local lady yelled another (this time COMPLETELY unintelligable) scolding. I just can’t wait to get my little girl down in the ocean. I’ll get some photos up when we do.

Another lazy Sunday afternoon. Like my friend Brody always says, have a great Stats Suck Sunday. Peace, hope and love.



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8 responses to “Beautiful day in paradise

  1. that is SUCH a sweet photo 🙂

    i sometimes feel claustrophobic here on this island up north, but days at the beach always make it better. even just going for 20 minutes seems to turn things around.

    be blessed.

  2. Speaking of dropping names…

  3. you know 🙂

    brody is kind of a big name drop these days… that’s all…

  4. Well, you dropped Jesus’ name the other day. That’s almost as big of a name drop as Brody’s.

  5. And how do you do those happy face icon thingys? Without KyleRay doing my computer stuff I’m hopeless.

  6. coletteashley

    you type : and ) next to eachother 😉 dork

  7. No! That’s what I’m talking about, the winky-one!

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