To Keep the Poor People Out:

gated-communitySo, this is just a kind of funny story. I live in the middle of a golf course. Which could be pretty convenient except that I have no time or money to golf anyway. But today I decided to time myself walking to the club house from where I live. The quickest route is through a gated community. On the way there, I had no problem traipsing right on through the gate as a car was leaving. On the way back, no one was coming (or going) so I just kind of stood there for a minute staring at the gate. A guy was standing nearby so I just sort of asked him what the story was with the gate. So he leans over and showed me the code to open it. I thanked him, walked on through and thought to myself, hmmmm, why even have a gate at all if you’re going to give the code out like candy in a parade. I mean, if I was a bad guy and was planning on robbing the gated-people, I’d hop the gate or jimmy the lock anyway. As it stands, I just trespass. Peace, hope and love.


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  1. Looks like you are a true specialist. Did you study about the issue? *lol*

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