So, Eddie Vedder Walks in to a bar…

Right, so I get to my gig Thurday night, this hip little Irish pub in Waikiki and it’s just straight packed. So, I’m loading in and the bouncer, Gibby, is like,
“Dude, you know who’s here?!”
I said, “No.”
He said, “That’s Eddie Vedder man!”
I said, “Cool.”
Of course I went and talked with him. Since I kinda, sort-of know his cousin Shawna and her husband Tim from back in the home town, I started off with,
“Hey, I know your cousin Shawna.”
He kinda took a double take and said, “Really?”
I said, “Yeah, Shawna and Tim are good kids yeah?”
He said, “Shawna’s one of the smoothest girls I know.”
I said, “Yep.”
Then we had a little talk about how teeny-tiny this blueish-green ball is and I said, “Cheers!” and went and got up and played my gig. It was just too bad I don’t know any of his tunes… oh well, it’s probably better that I didn’t. Later on, when I was thinking back I really wished I had said, “Hey listen man, don’t you dare call me daughter you yellow-leadbetter you!” Again, it was probably better that I didn’t. Peace, hope and love.



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5 responses to “So, Eddie Vedder Walks in to a bar…

  1. I have no idea who that is… haha

  2. He’s the singer for this 90s rock band called Pearl Jam. They’re really good.

  3. jamlreap

    THAT is SO COOL!

  4. Josh

    You may now be the coolest guy I know.

  5. That’s a cool story. He looks pretty mellow in that picture, which is good. Whenever I saw pictures or videos of him back when I was in high school he always seemed pretty tense. Maybe meeting you helped him unwind a bit?

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