Barack Obama

Now here’s a question for ya’ll. I keep hearing people say they “support the president”. What does that mean exactly? Besides the obvious (we pay his salary), what does it mean to “support the president”? To wish him well? To want him to succeed? Now, here’s the real question: why would I want him to succeed if his plan is to end the lives of untold-thousands of innocent lives? What, I’m supposed to say, “Yeah, good on ya! You’ve got my support Mr. President”? Now, I know this is supposed to be a music blog; but, I’ve been seriously wrestling with that question. Because, the truth is, I don’t want him to succeed. Not if his success results in the perpetuation of legalized infantacide. What do you think about this video? (“Above my paygrade”?) Peace, hope and love.



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8 responses to “Barack Obama

  1. I don’t think that anyone would call harming the innocent a “successful” endeavor. I know we all want him to succeed in the things that promote positive changes in our country, but I agree that I want him to fail at doing harm.

  2. But Christians should support other Christians. Wait, I am a Christian and he doesn’t support my belief abortion should be illegal… Huh, wonder where the line is drawn…

  3. Christians should support Christ. Bad things have been done by Christians, but not by Christ.

    I think I get what he says about the subject, and watching this video doesn’t necessarily pit me against him. I mean, he says he can’t argue with me. he says he wrestles with the issue on a moral level. He says there is a need to reduce the number of abortions. It’s hard — I’ve never heard him speak about this before, and I’m glad to see that it’s not worse than it is.

  4. I hear you. Actually, this video is super tame (for obvious reasons) as far as his true beliefs go. Google “Obama, Abortion” and you’ll get the real deal. I posted this video mainly ’cause of the interesting way he pits science and theology at odds with one another (a false dichotomy) and because of that line “above my paygrade”. If you are the President of the most powerful nation on the planet the proverbial buck stops with you.

  5. Hm, ok. I get what you mean and I’ll probably google that. Ah, I was trying to be optimistic but you’re so right – I can’t agree with that.

    And about that “above my paygrade” comment… Weird. I don’t even know what he was trying to say by that, especially when you’re exactly right about that proverbial buck.

    Support the president?.. Prayer.

  6. Hey just wanted to say thanks for this post and getting me to be a bit more knowledgeable about this stuff. But yeah, it’s hard to hear “support the president” when we don’t agree.. but we can support him in prayer, that’s what I was trying to say in that last comment.


  7. Yeah, that’s all I can come up with as well. That and stay active in support of life. Go to this site and follow the links to write your Senator to ask him/her to shoot down FOCA.

  8. And, thank you Zach. Peace, hope and love to you and yours.

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