A hard way to earn a buck…

boxing5 So, I’ve cancelled my Friday night engagement. I’ll tell you why. Last night, I played my usual couple of hours and cleared off stage to let the next guy set up. Pretty typical so far. I always load my gear in to the back of the club so I can pull my van around and load up through the side door. Still nothing unusual. As I bring the last load around the corner to the back room I see a bouncer choking a guy on the floor. Ok, now it’s a-typical. I drop my stuff and yell (non-combatively and in a kind of laid-back Nathanesque way) “whoa man, you don’t want to do that, not here, not like that!” I figured the guy (on the floor) might have needed some solid bouncing but probably not a solid choking. The bouncer stood up shouted something fairly explicit and otherwise unitelligable at me, takes a swing and the next thing I know I’m waking up on the floor with my jaw throbbing and a golf ball sized knot at the back of my head where it hit the ground. I’m still not sure why he would punch me in the face. To try to paint an equevilant scenario: it would be like seeing someone about to randomly cross the street, warning them that cops are handing out jay-walking tickets so they probably shouldn’t do that and then being knocked out. Weird. Painful. Aloha?

Peace, hope and love.



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7 responses to “A hard way to earn a buck…

  1. Only you…. Wow! I hope you’re healing up nicely!!

  2. Nathan J! Dude…be careful, but way to stand up for people. I’m glad you’re alive and such…..and hope you get better soon! late!

  3. Yeah, I’m ok (obviously ok enough to blog). I just feel hung over every morning and every evening. A little fuzzy…

  4. I think drinking less will help with the hung over feeling…

  5. Amy

    you should probably make sure you don’t have a concussion.

  6. Go back and cheap shot him Nate.

  7. Could I be walking around with a concussion and not know it for almost a week? That’s no good.

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