So, as promised, I have more pictures of the newest Emmans courtacy of artistic mindz photography. I hope all of you crazy kids out there in the blogosphere experience the joys of being a daddy(mommy) someday. It’ll blow your mind gauranteed. Peace, hope and love.sophi-closeup2sophi-closeup1jess-sophi2jess-sophi1jess-nate-sophi1



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6 responses to “Sophi

  1. She is sooooo sweet, and what a tiny little thing! I totally agree, being a parent blows your mind. Certainly one of the cooler ideas God had, eh? I’m glad you’re all do so well. We love and miss you!

  2. My babies are so grown up now. 15 & 20. I cherish the times when they were that small….linger over every moment….it goes so quickly. I will never again get a kiss so hard that it hurts….and then a breath…and more kisses……bliss.

  3. I want to meet this little one! Are you getting a feel for her personality yet? She’s adorable (sorry I keep saying that… but I can’t think of another way to describe your kidlings).

  4. Thanks guys! Mmmmm, no not really Brittney… if any of her real personality is peeking out yet she’s probably going to be self-absorbed and needy. (insert smiley-faced-winky-thingy)

  5. haha… ok, well maybe I’ll ask again in a few months 😉

  6. awww so small & precious 🙂

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