Monday and other reasons why I feel blah.

So, this is a portrait of “blah.” I feel a little like that picture… only, not as feminine. Here are a few reasons why.

~ A Slim-Jim was probably the worst thing I could have eaten.
~ Realizing I probably shouldn’t plan on spending $2,400 in one go anytime soon.
~ Had to hold down my crying daughter while the dentist poked and prodded around in her mouth.
~ Can’t remember the last time my wife and I had a decent date that didn’t involve HBO-on-demand and microwave popcorn.
~ Got my first taste of sunburn over the weekend and am feeling it now.
~ Didn’t get sunburned doing something cool like surfing or swimming so I have no fun story to go with the bright redness.
~ Haven’t been inspired to be creative since… I really don’t know when.
~ Thinking of all the reasons I’m blessed and really shouldn’t complain… EVER.

There, I feel better already. Sorry to vent any negativity. Just remember, Positive Post Tuesday is coming up… Tuesday. Peace, hope and love.



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8 responses to “Monday and other reasons why I feel blah.

  1. I will be praying for you and Jess!! I hope you get a decent date soon…if I were there I would watch your girls while you went out…as it is I will pray Father will send someone else to do it! 🙂

    I am excited that you’ll be out in the midwest this summer…but sad that I will be in SoCal while youre here. Are you going to make it to Rside at all? PS can you send me your mailing address soon? thanks! miss you guys lots and lots!
    your little sister,

  2. I know, where’s the decent date?! I want stove popped popcorn next time! 😉

  3. That’s a rough Monday! Thank God for Tuesday!

  4. That’s what grandparents are for yeah??? At least Bella’s grandparents love watching her for our dates!

    And what are you looking to spend $2,400 on? That’s a big chunk of change…!

  5. No, grandparents are great, it’s just Sophi’s a bit young yet for that. The cash is what it would cost (roughly) to fly the 4 of us back to California for a family reunion coming up in the next couple of years.

  6. Well, I guess. Bella was a week old the first time we went on a date and left her with tony and sheryl, but Sheryl is a nicu nurse, so maybe it’s different.

    I hope in the next few years we would all be doing much better financially and $2400 won’t be out of reach for a family vacation. But I would never travel with two toddlers and two infants. You guys are brave to even be thinking it!


  7. Yes but does Sheryl breast-feed Bella for you?

    (insert smiley-faced-googly-eyed-thingy)

  8. No but that’s why we spent so much on a pump…

    Not a big deal, we were just comfortable leaving her for an hour so we could get dinner for our five year anniversary. It’s all parenting style, and ours is different.

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