Positive Post Tuesday

Although it was somewhat exfoliating to write yesterdays post, it was definitely not constructive. So, to counter balance the that negative post I offer you todays little list of gems, i.e. examples of how I am blessed and shouldn’t complain… EVER.

~ I have a nice, piping-hot, cup of black coffee next to me that I sip from when I feel like it.
~ If you check out here you can see God has been providing for my little, tiny family.
~ My little girls are super cute, healthy and can still chew on their feet when they feel like it.
~ I see the ocean everyday. Sometimes I even walk down to it and dip my toes.
~ I have one or two good friends just a phone call away. (or a Tweet away)
~ My father-in-law wears OPs and sometimes, when we’re really lucky, nothing else!
~ I have a beautiful wife who loves me and supports me even though I have a strange life that keeps me gone a lot.
~ I have a Savior who loves me and gives me music and a reason to sing.
~ I drive a mini-van which is, in a word, awesome.

So, there are a few example of how I am blessed and should never complain… EVER. If you’re happy and you know clap your hands. Peace, hope and love.



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6 responses to “Positive Post Tuesday

  1. Cool…

    Or just call it blue…..?

  2. Huh? (call which part blue?)

  3. Like, you wrote a song about how sometimes it’s ok to just be blue. So…. I guess you could force yourself to be positive or just call it blue for a bit…

  4. Oh, I see. Remember though, blue is not blah it’s just blue. Sometimes there are things so attached to the “self” that when they are affected we are affected (blue). Blah is just… blah. (it might have more to do with eating slim-jims than it has to do with an actual “valid” reason for being sad)

  5. Guess all of my training to be a psychologist made me misread your feelings as sad instead of blah… Huh…

    Whatever suits you!

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