Wait, What Happened?!?

hawaiian5hawaiian-3hawaiian-5I’m going to keep this brief. Here are some shots I took at Sandy beach, about half a mile from where I live. The protesters only stayed for the weekend but they’ve left me thinking. As far as I understand it, the story is that, using “superior force”, the US government straight took over Hawaii from the existing monarch and claimed it as a state against Hawaiian wishes. Check out this site, look at the pictures and then tell me what you think. Frankly, I’m a little weirded out by this strange little piece of my history.

Peace, hope and love.



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4 responses to “Wait, What Happened?!?

  1. Kyle Ray

    I am pretty sure something similar could be written about our entire country and a majority of the countries around the world.

  2. kyleboot

    Similar stories could be told for the rest of this country, and for the rest of the world for that matter.

  3. Yeah, screw the government for taking my families now Oklahoma land, the bastards.

    I think locals complain more than natives and they don’t really have the right to in my opinion, since it wasnt their land to lose.

    And you and your fam will always be haoles. Sorry.

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