“…and the frog will eat a meal with the cat.”

frog-cat1 Although, with recent events being what they are, the “stop the war, bring home the troops!” camp has kind of fizzled out to an extent, there will always be the old “peace on earth” discussion.

I love the ever fashionable “peace-on-earth” camp. You know, the people who treat peace as a trendy converstation topic. These guys talk about it (usually treating ending the war in Iraq as being the end-all-be-all) over lattes and while waving picket signs covered in anti-this/anti-that jargon. Inherent in the whole process is a kind of contradiction.

See, I want to know how we are to act in the “real world”. Obiviously I’m not saying that war is good. It’s not. As well, I’m not saying that the war in Iraq is not the real world. I’m simply saying it’s somewhat removed from the majority of us. What I’m trying to get at is, we need to “be the change we want to see in the world.” (Ghandi)

Maybe peace on earth has more to do with the little things in life like responding in kindness when people say mean things to you. Or giving the peace sign in exchange for the “other sign” while driving. Maybe it’s about having peace in our own lives first, then sharing that with our own little sphere of influence. We don’t always get along with everyone. There are people who say things that drive me up the wall as much as, I’m sure, I drive other people up the wall. So, in the same way I need to extend peace to those around me (strangers, friends, family, casual acquaintences etc), I need other people to extend peace to me. That’s going to take a lot of work. A lot of turning the other cheek (to quote another very wise man who knows something about it). But, that’s were peace on earth has got to begin. It’s very basic; but, sometimes we’ve got to refocus and go back to the basics.

“‘Love one another as I loved you’, what a weird and wonderful thing to say and do.” –Matt Zarb


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