I’m Sick… Again.

darby-ogill-and-king-brian-shar No, I’m not hung over; it’s just a cold. I just put that picture up ’cause of the old “Grandpa’s Cough Syrup” bit. I don’t know, it was funny when I first thought of it. Anyway, I’ve got three days and two nights to shake this head/chest cold before my next gig. Ideas anyone? I’m looking for home remedy type cures. You know, the kind of cures that have been in the family for generations or whatever. Actually, it could be something you made up as well just so long as IT WORKS. I’m up for whatever… just don’t mess with me and tell me to do something just to make me look foolish. I don’t need help looking foolish and my head feels like a bus hit it.

Peace, hope and love.



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5 responses to “I’m Sick… Again.

  1. Sleep, Sleep, and uh… sleep. …and vitamin C.

  2. oil of oregano!
    put a few drops (like 10) in a cup of water, down it. do this three times a day and your cold will be gone in two or three days.


  3. Morgan

    Go to a health food store and pick up “Cold Calm”. Seriously, this stuff is amazing. It even prevents my sinus infections. Good stuff. And, it’s all natural. 🙂

  4. Great ideas all y’all! This is what I’m talking about. Although, the oil of oregano might make me smell like a pizza… I’m still going to try it.

    And Elijah, the whole sleep thing is an old wives tale. Are you an old wife?

  5. ah yes, the oregano tastes horrible. it’s hella strong, but taste only lasts for a few seconds after you pound it down. 🙂

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