There is a need sometimes for going deep and tearing into the intricate details of the fabric of things. I understand that need very much. Perhaps too much… I realized a few days ago that I had let go of a bit of simplicity in my zeal for the complex. Let me explain what happened.

Wednesday nights, before my Kelly O’neil’s gig down in Waikiki, I play for a “mature adult” bible study at Holy Trinity Catholic Church (“mature adult” = seniors). Last week, the question posed by their leader Dominic was “who is the Holy Spirit to you?” People went around describing different things. My mind was racing through the depths of everything I’d ever read or heard about the Holy Spirit hoping to stumble on to something profound. That’s when it happened. An older Japanese lady raised her hand and offered who she thought the Holy Spirit was to her.

She patted her chest and said, “Before, so much empty, ok? Now, joy!” I deflated and smiled.

Have peace, hope and love in your life.



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4 responses to “simple

  1. Jamiey Emmans

    So true.

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