The man, the myth, the legend…


“Who”, you might axe, “is this ‘man/myth/legend’, this shadowy man, sitting next to a box of chocolates, on a park bench, seemingly strumming a guitar.” Well I’ll tell you. I’m speaking of none other than Auburn California’s own, Mike Madden. You might remember, I had begun recording an album with KyleRay at Mike’s home studio right before Jess and I moved the clan over to the ol’ Islands. Now, I consider Mike a good friend. We’ve spent a boat load of hours philosophizing over glasses of Merlot on his back patio, or brainstorming in his cozy studio, tucked away in the back of his 100+ year old home downtown Auburn. However, I also consider him one of Auburn’s hidden treasures. See, Mike is an amazingly talented musician. He plays pretty much anything with string, including: guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, piano, banjo, dobro, pedal steel and the dulcimer. But he doesn’t just play them, he tears ’em up. Anyway, while out in afore mentioned Islands about a month or two ago, I wrote a song for my newest munchkin, Sophia Jean. It’s a straight folk-rock song, with a sweet little groove. So, before I left Auburn for the mid-west, I made sure I cruised by Mike’s for a quick session, to lay down the essentials of Sophi’s tune (it’s called Sweet Sophia). Now, Mike has the next couple of weeks to lay down, well… pretty much whatever he thinks might sound good. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. I’ll be sure to post it up on the website when it is done.

Peace, hope and love.



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2 responses to “The man, the myth, the legend…

  1. Looking forward to hearing it.

    Also looking forward to hearing you play July 2nd.

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