My favorite venue… ever


Tonight I’m playing the hippest little venue in Colorado… or anywhere, for that matter. Wildwood Sounds, a teeny-tiny listening room in Del Norte, Southern Colorado. The town of Del Norte is super small itself. Wildwood only seats about 35-40 people. So, needless to say, it’s never a big “money maker”. Stephan and Connie, a couple of super lovely people, run it. Stephan makes really sweet furniture out of 100 year old barns and cool stuff like that. He’s got a big shop behind the venue; and they live above that shop in a sweet little flat. The reasons I love it and always try to play it when I come through are as follows:

– The acoustics are amazing! It has this hardwood floor that resonates not unlike the top of guitar. The result: awesome sound.
– Everyone that comes is there just to hear you. I’ve never had one Free Bird request while playing Wildwood.
– BYOB! Any venue that encourages that amazing custom is alright in my book. Just remember to BETSWN (bring enough to share with Nathan)
– There’s never a “fourth wall” between me and the audience. We inevitably talk between most songs… you know, discussing the whys and the what fors of any given song.
– They have, what they call, a “snacky-treaty pot luck” in between sets. Essentially, a “everyone bring some kind of a snack to share” kind of an event.

I’m going to be setting up a little camcorder in the corner tonight, so I’ll try and post some video up for ya’ll shortly.
Peace, hope and love.


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