Mountain View Arkansas

So, a couple days back I was passing through Mountain View Arkansas. I actually stopped off there for a day to see my old pals Adrian and Joel (who are SilverService). They just moved out there and had been telling me about what a music loving town it is. So we took a walk downtown Monday evening. This is what we saw. The park was jam-packed with folks in lawn chairs set up around various little pockets of musicians. It was all impromtu I come to find out. That’s what the town does for entertainment. They either play music in the park or they listen to it. I absolutely loved it! I mean, it was all bluegrass/country/southern gospel; but it was awesome ’cause it was the real deal. That’s where the music was born and that’s where it’s living on. Check out this fiddle player. He’s got all his fingers chopped off on his left hand but he was still spot on. Beautiful little town tucked away in the Ozarks… if you’re ever around, drop by the park or the town square and have a listen.

Peace, hope and love.


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