The Drunk Heckler

Heckler So, I love playing the festivals, the churches, the venues and listening rooms around the country. There are always great crowds of music-loving folk at these spots. This last run out from California through the mid-west and back was full of those; and, needless to say, it was rad. But I’m back on the Island now playing my usual gigs at the pubs and restaurants around Waikiki and Honolulu. Last night I played my first gig at O’toole’s Irish Pub in Chinatown Honolulu, after getting back Sunday night. And of course, within the first half hour I get the guy yelling “Freebird!” as if he just thought up the funniest thing ever. Then, about two hours into the night I get some half-cacked guys decide that I wasn’t entertaining enough. Nothing serious of course, just the typical start clapping in the middle of the song and, of course, more Freebirding. It’s easy enough to deflect I guess ’cause they really aren’t that clever… it’s just tiring. Anyway, it’s good to be back on the Island and I’m grateful for the opportunity to play my guitar for a living; but, man, I sure didn’t miss the drunk people.

Peace, hope and love.


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  1. anissa

    hey brother! glad you get to play your guitar for a living and glad you made it back to the island all safe and sound. Praying for you and your fantastic family! 🙂
    and keep ignoring the drunk people….seriously…
    who wants to hear freebird anyway? except maybe on guitar hero…but even then…eh.

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