“Lonely Even Here in Paradise…”


I miss Rich… no, I never got to meet him or ever see him live; but, there’s no other artist that I’ve ever felt the same kind of connection with. I think maybe we were cut out of the same bit of raggedy corduroy cloth or something. But I got to thinking about him, as I often do, while driving myself five million miles around the states last month. Not just because Rich Mullins died seemingly prematurely, in a car accident, out on some lonely stretch of highway much like the ones I spent most of my time barreling down. No, it was his songs that came to me the most… songs like here in America, the land of my sojourn and calling out your name. See, Rich was a guy who felt deeply the sacredness of the created. This entire beautiful, lonely country was a masterpiece, a work of fallen art just waiting to be redeemed. He understood as well that if we have been created in the Imago Dei, the image of God the Creator, then, necessarily we are creators too. In a way, every tme he sang a song, he was joining with the entire gallery of creation, crying out for redemption. So, in whatever we are in the business of doing, in sofar as we are doing good, in a very real sense, we the faithful are creating, reflecting the Creator, and joining with this beautiful fallen world groaning out in pain awaiting our redemption.

Anyway… just a little of what’s on mind this morning. Peace, hope and love.


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