the quandary

QuestionMark Alright, here’s a question for my readers… both of you. Well, first a bit of a prelude: I believe there is far too much negativity in the world. My goal as an entertainer is to bring more light in to an all too often dark place. I like to surround myself with positive people, folks who have that goal in common with me. So, what does one do with the messager/tweeter/blogger who is consistantly negative? Maybe I’m the only one with this sort of conundrum, I don’t know; but, I’ve got this friend, and I do mean friend, not just acquaintance, who literally never has anything nice to say… ever. Now obviously, I don’t have to read this friends blog or approve of any message on the various social networks I peruse; no, it’s the tweets that I’m having an issue with. If I block this particular pal’s tweets this will come across as a direct affront to said friendship. Direct conversations of this sort have about the same kind of effect with my pal; although I haven’t ruled that out, I was hoping someone had an alternative.

Hoping for more peace, hope and love, and less negativity.



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4 responses to “the quandary

  1. Just kidding, I know that you’re not talking about me. I was just trying to make light of what seems to be a somewhat heavy topic–I’m positive like that.

    Now, you said: “So, what does one do with the messager/tweeter/blogger who is consistantly negative?”

    I recommend Love! Love, love, love, and lots of love! (it’s a dangerous road I know). You say it’s a pal? You need to loving tell your pal to shape the F up and start acting like a friend bro. Say why aren’t you nice!!! But yell it. Yeah… something like that. Let me know how it works out. Grace and Peace-

  2. halfway through reading, i was going to suggest you just talk to this person. but then later you wrote that talking hasn’t helped either. my next thought was for you to pray over this person. over their perspective of the world. but also pray over your response to him/her.

    the last thing i have to suggest is to remember that this is the behaviour you expect from this person. not that your expectations means the behaviour is okay…but maybe it will help you and your heart, to be prepared for the negativity. helps me sometimes.

    all the best.

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