Sweet Sophia

Here’s a new song for ya’ll. It’s a lullaby of sorts for my youngest girl. The greatest thing about this video is the commentary from the drunk guy at the bar, “are you going to make a video out of this or something?”

Thanks to my good pal Nathan Bryant for shooting and sharing this show I played last month in Colorado Springs, Co. Blessings to you my friend.

Sweet Sophia
Well the clouds rolled in by 8 am like the eminent November
it’s hard to tell if I was pushed or fell, I was too young to remember
and all the things that I’ve come to believe are written on the stars and trees
and on the heart of a girl named Sophia
lay your head down darling, close your eyes
rest in this love and dream sweet Sophia dream
well the sky was dark and quiet like the calm before the storm
over this ancient highway running to the heart of where we’re going
when all the hope and beauty in the world is summed up in this girl
with the face of an angel, sweet Sophia
You are here, this is where you are where the light is stronger than the dark.
And if you would open up your heart to the Giver of the divine spark, open up you heart sweet Sophia.

Peace, hope and love


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