The Collective Loft

These guys are rad. I met up with Casey and Skyler in Salt Lake City a couple of months ago and played their venue The Collective Loft. I’ll be playing there again in the first part of November as well. These kids run this venue which is conveniently located across the hall from their apartment out of which they run one of the hippest clothing companies around, Amicus Clothing. In fact, they gave me one of their shirts last time I was out there and it’s turned into my favorite. This is a video of them with some of their artsy pals making an awesome piece of art: a load of T-shirts pinned up on a wall that together make one huge painting. It’s pretty awesome. Enjoy!

Peace, hope and love.



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2 responses to “The Collective Loft

  1. it’s people like this that make me realize I have a lot to learn in the way of creativeness and art. I think it helps to be around creative people all the time (and a lack of youngsters crawling all over you all the time wouldn’t hurt). Loved the music!… Loved the art!

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