While I was down for the count


So, I’ve been sick for a few days now and, as such, I’ve been catching up on the news. Did y’all hear about the powers that be lighting up the Empire State Building in Yellow and Red to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the PRC? I can understand it if we were commererating this event in a solemn fashion or with our aim being to remember the millions who were murdered as a result of the communist party’s takeover. But for some incredible reason we’re honoring the dishonorable… again. (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they hold the biggest IOU on our national debt…)

But I feel like that’s kind of the trend lately. A Hollywood icon pleads guilty to drugging and otherwise sedating a 13 year old girl so he could have his way with her, then jumps bail and heads off to Switzerland. When he gets arrested there, all the Hollywood usuals come flocking to his aid, signing petitions and making speaches to try and free him because… he’s a great artist?

I’m just not sure if these are the same values as the ones that formed this great nation. Why are we honoring the dishonorable? Why are we standing up for evil?

Peace, hope and love.



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5 responses to “While I was down for the count

  1. i’m not sure the two compare so easily.
    in one case you’re discussing one person, solely responsible for his own actions. in the other, you’re talking about an entire country – billions of people (not all agreeing with their communist government), but full of beauty and great things. when i think of china as a country, i think of many amazing things and lovely people, not just a red government. but that’s just me.

    i do, however, see your point.

    • Perhaps you misunderstood. I don’t judge the entire nation of China. You’re right to say that it is full of many great things and lovely people, I’ve been there and I’ve seen it first hand. I’ve also seen the evil of the PRC regime first hand.

      In the same way that you would not dismiss the good of the people despite the evil of its’ regime, we should not dismiss the evil because of the good. That is to say, simply because one produces great art does mean they are absolved of their great sin.

  2. yeah, like i said before…i see your point.

    but in my perspective, i see celebrating china as celebrating china, not it’s government. it’s sort of like…protesting the 2008 olympics being allowed to take place in beijing – which i can’t say i agree with. i too have experienced china close hand, and she’s deep in my heart…and i definitely have a problem with it’s government…but i also like to see the progress that is slowly being made. far from perfect, for sure…but progressing slowly none the less.

    for me, i celebrate china as a whole, but i do not celebrate the poor choices the government makes – that was my point.

  3. actually, nate…upon further thought i recant my two statements. you’re right.

  4. anissa

    Nathan! I hope by now you’re feeling way better! Are you still gonna be out this way in November?? its almost here and I want to make sure I see you guys!!! later big brother!

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