What I should have said was…

rude_wordsSo I’m on the road again. Wednesday I had a three hour layover in Dallas. To kill a little time I did a little much needed string swap. While I was stretching the strings a lady sat down in the seat next to me, munching on a large and very messy burger. I really didn’t want to get my guitar all up in grill as it were; and also, was a bit grossed out my her messy-munching, so I did a little half turn away from her. She promptly leaned over and said in a none too discreet voice “exscuse me, your butt-crack is showing and it’s unappetizing.” Now, what I said, as I hitched up my pants trying to ignore the stares from the 12 or 15 people sitting around us who heard her comment was, “wow, so it is! I’m so embarressed.” What I wanted to say was:

1) “Now I know your lying.”

2) “Your cleavage is showing and it’s immensly grotesque.”

3) Quote Henry V by Shakespeare: “Thou amend thy face as I amend my life.”

Of course, none of these would be necessarily charitable… I probably did the right thing by sucking it up.


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One response to “What I should have said was…

  1. I have situations all the time where I think of the perfect thing I could have said in response long after the situation is gone. Frustrating…

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