My Girls

These are my girls: super silly, insanely fun, beautifull little blessings. Cadence and Sophia are their names which you might recognize as the names of a couple songs off my latest album, Live at Higher Ground. The tune Song for Cadence was me trying to impart some wisdom to my little girl. The struggle of a young man who still feels like a kid himself, trying to be the best Daddy ever.

I know I’ve got a little bit of time before the “big talks”, but the other day I got a taste of what I should expect soon enough. We were driving along, just Cadence and I, when she says:
“Yes Cadence?”
“I wanna nose ring.”
“umm… well… I think we should at least wait ’till you’re potty trained.”
“Yeah, but Dada!”
“Yes Cadence?”
“I real wanna nose ring!”

I was explaining my hair to her just this morning and the conversation kind of went like this:

“Dada, you like some knots in your hair?”
“Yeah Cadence, this is what happens when you don’t brush your hair.”
“But Dada, is it called knots?”
“They’re called Dreadlocks.”
“I want some biznots.”

They’re super intuitive as well. A couple of days ago, Cadence confronted me about my lip ring.

“Yes Cadence?”
“I think you should take your lip ring out.”
“Why is that.”
“Cause Mama doesn’t real like it.”

Peace, hope and love.



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4 responses to “My Girls

  1. So, back to dreads? Cute kids! love the last conversation… haha. Gotta love ’em

  2. Yeah, they were knotting up anyway so I thought I might as well make it managable.

  3. Keith

    that’s awesome, man! You making it out to sunny SoCal anytime soon?

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