The Mic is Open

Alright, it’s official. The Art of Whimsy will be hosting an Original Songwriter’s Showcase every Monday night at Anna’s. You Honolulu people will be scratching your collective heads at this point and saying something like, “I say, curious that! The scuttlebug floating about is that Anna Banana’s closed down.” And you are only slightly correct: after 41 years of hosting some of the biggest underground shows on the Island, Anna’s owner finally threw in the towel. However, my friends at E&J Lounge (the guys who run three of the hippest Irish pubs on the Island) picked the towel up. The great thing about these guys is that they believe in live music. They never charge covers to their clubs and they feature some of the best musicians that have ever come out of Honolulu… every night of the week!

So, that brings us back to Monday nights. I’ll be hosting, what is in essence, a glorified open mic every Monday from 9 to 1 am. Each night will feature two Original Songwriters in addition to myself who get the opportunity to showcase their original work for 45 minutes each. Staggered throughout the rest of the evening, the mic will be open for whomever.

See you there! Peace, hope and love.


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