So, the other night after a show I was driving home chatting with my pal, Elijah. This is pretty typical since we both are up all hours of the night. Anyway, we talked about absolutely nothing for a good 25 minutes, said goodnight and hung up. Then I remembered I was going to text him a picture of my tattoo. This was the ensuing conversation via text:

Eli: There it is! Wow I love it man!

Me: I’ve started a gang, it’s called the Tough Nate’s.

Eli: The membership eligibility seems nominal.

Me: Your membership is nominal.

Eli: I know at least 3 people I can recommend. No… 2. The 3rd falls short on half the criteria.

Me: You just have to know that I’m tough and want to be in… and you’re in.

Eli: What if you’re skeptical, but want to take in on fath just to join?

Me: What’s there to be skeptical of… have you seen my tattoo?

Eli: Good point. Purple is an extremely tough color.

Me: It’s purple ’cause it’s still ouchy.. I mean… whatever dude, you’re purple.

Eli: Did you just slap me?

Me: I don’t think so.

Eli: Just checking.

Peace, hope and love- Nathan J. Emmans



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2 responses to “Elijah

  1. This is a seriously deep conversation. I’m not sure that I understand it to its full depth. I think that I should study it further. I’m very thankful for your post. I’m going to take it line by line and do an explication to see what more I can get out of it. You’re brilliant.

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