A blog written by  The Art of Whimsy.

The Art of Whimsy is a rootsy, organic folk-rock experience, a memorable collision of foot stomping grooves with meaningful melodies. Songs that sometimes are no less than an introspective dialogue, and other times a “throw your head back and yell ’cause it feels good to be alive” kind of tune. Using a soul-stirring synergy of earthy acoustic instruments, peculiar percussive devises and compelling poetry he retells the age-old story of the human drama: the struggles of life and love, and the good news of the Love of God.   And you know you should dance along if it makes you want to.

Over the years Nathan J. Emmans has played with a number of musicians and under a variety of names.  In 2007 he started performing under the name  The Art of Whimsy and began building an underground following among the foothills of Northern California. The versatility of his laid back style lends itself to a variety of venues and experiences. As such, The Art of Whimsy has been well received in every corner of the states he’s played. Whether playing a high energy festival set for thousands of people, or an intimate house show for twenty-five, The Art of Whimsy always provides a positive memorable experience.

In Feb 2009, Nathan, his pregnant wife Jess and their little girl Cadence, relocated to Honolulu Hawaii. 


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