The Art of Whimsy – An Acoustic Prologue

A five song ep - $6

Click image to Purchase for $6.

Track Listing:
1.  As Long As You Are With Me
2.  Friend of Eli
3.  Call It Blue
4.  One and One
5.  Colder Side of Paradise


T-Shirts Coming Soon!!!


3 responses to “Store

  1. Jennifer Villarreal

    Hi guys! I miss hearing about you now that you’ve gone and moved away! (although I know I did as well…) I was happy to find your blog now though. Sounds like you are doing well! I can’t wait to hear more music as I think my iPod is going to revolt if it has to play any of the 3 albums I have of SS/TAOW again. I think I’ll take my chances till then….
    Love you all- hope to get to catch up with you in the future. Hugs to your girls.

  2. Is the song Jessica on the new album?

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